Thursday, 18 August 2011

"SCHOOLING SHOULD BE FUN " By Nishrin Khalid Ameer Rafique.


Creativity can be expressed in many ways-a dance sequence,a painting,finding a new solution to old problem,composing a simple song,dressing up,pretending or even thinking of unusual or extraordinary answers.Thus there is no clear definition of creativity.It is referred to in terms of imagination,divergent thinking,fantasy,curiosity,problem solving and in terms of different combination of these factors.Creativity is the ability to see beyond what exist and thus combine thought and experience into new idea. 
In children creativity comes naturally.They are not bothered with stereotype and so can think in fresh and flexible ways.The world is their stage and there are endless roles to be played.
Children have their innate creativity-for they generally follow
*Follow their own rhythm in what ever they do....Interest.
*Have innate sense of curiosity and wonder
*Are spontaneous
*Are day dreamers ...and in all of these there is creativity
*they never accept ideas without questioning and verifying

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